The Importance of Business Photography

Business photography is a newer concept that associates with telling a story. In the past, many businesses (small and corporate) focused on the founder/owner of the business and individual shots of the employees for possible badge purposes. But, as the community aspect grows in most generations, it has become trendy to show a "family atmosphere" or simply, a team. Looking through business websites and social media, the goal is to have a personal connection to the business that furthers your response into either visiting the office or purchasing something online. But if you forget to tell your story, then you are missing the best opportunity to make life-long relationships with customers and

Fear Is Simply Confidence

What and if are two words that seem minuscule. But when they are put beside each other they are a powerful force: what if? This is the phrase I try to never let overcome me. Though typically we find ways to deny our gut feeling or desires due to peoples opinions and wants. But, the reality is, you are your biggest critic and decision maker. Fear is nearly the aspect of confidence waiting to be grabbed by the horns. There are many fears in the photography and marketing business. The fear of not succeeding, the fear of not gaining new photography clients, the fear of not making people happy after your endless hard work. But the truth is, since fear is merely confidence, they become an opportun

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